Largest green corridor built between four districts

  • Elderly man from Dewas gets new life in Bhopal
  • Process started at 3.30 am on Friday, Brain dead patient’s liver matches

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The green corridor built between two cities of the state on the intervening night of Thursday and Friday proved to be a life-saver. At 350 kilometres, this is the greenest corridor in the state so far. It was built simultaneously between four districts (Jabalpur, Narsinghpur, Raisen, Bhopal). Manager of Bansal Hospital, Lokesh Jha, said that the liver of a brain dead patient admitted in Jabalpur Metro Hospital had to be brought to the doctors by helicopter. But, after reaching Jabalpur, the helicopter malfunctioned. For this reason, the liver has been brought to Bhopal by road.

Earlier, the daughter-in-law was going to donate liver to a 65-year-old patient from Dewas admitted in Bansal Hospital, Bhopal. The patient was to undergo live liver transplant surgery in the hospital on Wednesday. But, the liver of the patient declared brain dead in Jabalpur Metro Hospital was matched. For this reason the surgery was postponed till Thursday afternoon. At 3:30 am on Friday, the process of liver transplant of an elderly patient declared brain dead admitted in Bansal was started.

Liver transplanted to an old man from Dewas  

The liver of 64 year old Rajesh Saraf, who was declared brain dead in Jabalpur’s Metro Hospital, was transplanted to an old man from Khategaon, Dewas admitted in Bansal Hospital, Bhopal. The old man had liver cirrhosis. He was searching for an organ donor for liver transplant surgery for four years.

Relative’s liver was to be transplanted to the old man

The family of the patient admitted for liver transplant surgery at Bansal Hospital told that he was trying for transplant surgery for the last four years. The blood groups of the family members were not matching. Meanwhile, in the first week of September, a relative had agreed to donate the liver for transplant surgery. For this, the process of medical examination of the relative who was donating the liver had been completed in the last three days. Besides, the process of recruiting patients and liver donors for surgery had also been completed.

Patient’s condition is fine now

Rakesh Bhargava told that the patient has been successfully transplanted and the patient’s condition is fine. Dr. Bhargava said that for the first time in the state, on the intervening night of Thursday-Friday, the longest 350 km long green corridor was built between Jabalpur and Bhopal. It was built between Jabalpur, Narsinghpur, Raisen and Bhopal. Earlier on May 10 this year, a 205 km long green corridor was built between Bhopal and Indore. Then one kidney of Pushpalata Jain, who was admitted to Bhopal’s Bansal Hospital after brain hemorrhage, was sent for transplant to a patient admitted in a private hospital in Indore.

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