Bhopal Metro trial may take place on Gandhi Jayanti

  • CM will flag off final trial run
  • Bhopal metro work in final stage

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The wait of Bhopal residents for the Metro is gradually coming to an end. According to the information received, CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan will flag off the final trial run on October 2 i.e. Gandhi Jayanti.

A team of more than 50 senior engineers, technical experts and supervisors are engaged in connecting and testing the metro coaches on the inspection bay line built in Subhash Nagar depot of Bhopal. This work can be completed in the next 2 to 3 days. After bringing it on the test track, there will be a safety trial run of the metro between Subhashnagar and Rani Kamalapati station. There was talk of trial of the metro till September 2023, but it has been decided till October. Till now the approval process from Commissioner Metro Rail Safety has not been done. The trials may be happening now in October, but the commercial run will happen in 2024. There is a plan for commercial run with general passengers by May-June 2024 and it is expected that application for this will be made in February-March 2024. From here, the railway operations will be checked as per the set standards and only if everything is OK, permission will be given to start the train. Safety standards will remain strict during the trial. Safety clearance is also required before commercial run. However, during this period only engineers will board the train. Safety standards will remain strict during the trial. Safety clearance is also required before commercial run. According to the information received from the officials of Metro Train Corporation, CM will conduct the trial in Bhopal on October 2. During this period, only the Corporation’s staff engineer will remain in the train as per safety rules. In this, the safety standards will be maintained strictly during the trial.

Work going on for the bridge

When the metro train runs commercially in May-June 2024, it is possible that it will cover a distance of 6.22 km from AIIMS to Subhash Bridge. For this, Metro ROB work has been started on the railway line in front of Ganesh Temple. Work is going on here on both sides. It is noteworthy that the fabricated bridge to be installed here is being prepared in Alwar. The metro will pass through the track several times during the safety trial run. In such a situation, people will be able to see the metro many times. If the metro is completely OK, the final trial run will be done any time after September 25. For this a date is also being taken from the CM. The Chief Minister can also board the metro from Subhashnagar to RKMP station.

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