Lalan dismisses possibilities of Nitish returning to NDA

Patna, Sep 28 (UNI) JD(U) president Rajeev Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh on Thursday dismissed all speculations over Chief Minister Nitish Kumar returning to NDA again, saying it is all “absurd” and “nonsense” and creation of media.

Singh told media persons here that Chief Minister Kumar had deserted BJP in August last year and initiated his attempt to unite all opposition parties at national level. His attempts had yielded results and it was now visible as newly floated alliance of opposition INDIA, he added.

” BJP is not a party which Chief Minister Kumar will even think of even looking upon, leave aside joining hands with it”, JD(U) president said adding that BJP never fulfilled it’s promises. BJP was a mastermind of creating confusion among people on one issue or the other, he further added.

Singh responding to a query regarding a controversy over remark of RJD Rajya Sabha MP Manoj Jha about Thakur

caste, said that it was also a creation of BJP. Jha did not make any adverse remark against Thakur and had just recited a poem in House during debate on Women’s Reservation Bill which was being misinterpreted to create confusion, he pointed out and expressed his surprise that controversy was being created after more than one week. The word “Thakur” was used in poem as symbol of monopoly and feeling of possessiveness which Jha mentioned and had pointed out its presence in everybody including himself, he stated.

JD(U) president responding to a query regarding statements being given by BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi, said that his term in Rajya Sabha would expire in 2024. Modi was trying to draw attention of BJP leadership so that he could get berth in Rajya Sabha again but its possibility was slim, he remarked.

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