Kuno’s female cheetah cub Mukhi celebrates first birthday

Bhopal: Mukhi, the pioneering female cheetah cub born in Kuno National Park, Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh, celebrated her first birthday on Friday, signifying a year of resilience and adaptation in her solitary existence.

Mukhi’s journey echoes a tale of fortitude. Born to ‘Jwala’, alongside three siblings, she faced adversity early on when scorching temperatures claimed the lives of her littermates. Struggling with dehydration, Mukhi found herself in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), where dedicated veterinary care nursed her back to health.

Adversity didn’t end for Mukhi

However, adversity didn’t end there for Mukhi. Despite surviving against the odds, she was further challenged by her mother’s rejection, leaving her to navigate the wilderness alone, devoid of maternal guidance crucial for learning survival skills.

Deprived of this natural tutelage, Mukhi’s path to mastering hunting tactics seemed uncertain. Yet, resilient and observant, she has been diligently studying her fellow cheetahs’ hunting techniques from her neighboring enclosure, displaying a promising inclination towards mastering the art herself, much to the relief of Kuno officials.

Mukhi honing her hunting instincts

Despite her setbacks, Mukhi exhibits an active demeanor, albeit with a hint of shyness. She has begun honing her hunting instincts, displaying eagerness in pursuing small prey like birds, although her eagerness led to a minor injury once, promptly treated under veterinary care.

In addition to her learning agility, officials note Mukhi’s reserved nature, evident in her tendency to retreat into seclusion upon encountering unfamiliar faces or environments outside Kuno, a trait that underscores her cautious yet determined approach to life.

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