Kidney transplant unit poised to commence operations at AIIMS Bhopal

Bhopal: Considering the significant influx of individuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds across the region who seek treatment for kidney ailments in the state capital, another government transplant unit is poised to commence operations in the city. AIIMS Bhopal boasts the state’s largest kidney transplant facility, which is now fully prepared for inspection by the Transplant Committee team, scheduled to visit in one week.

Previously, the committee had conducted an inspection, during which they noted a shortage in the operation theatre. This shortfall has since been rectified by the AIIMS management, increasing the likelihood of receiving their approval.

Plans are underway to expand the transplant unit’s services to include liver, lung, and bone marrow transplant facilities in addition to kidney transplants. The hospital is equipped with the necessary apparatus, including artificial heart and lung machines, to facilitate these procedures.

In Madhya Pradesh, approximately 100 to 150 cornea transplants, 10-15 liver transplants, and 50 to 60 kidney transplants are performed annually. Preparations for the expanded transplant services are complete, with only regulatory approval pending. The imminent visit by the Transplant Committee team will play a pivotal role in this process.

Dr. Ajay Singh, Director of AIIMS Bhopal, underscores the institution’s transformation into a center of excellence.

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