City experiencing mixed weather conditions

Bhopal: The state capital is currently experiencing mixed weather conditions. The days are characterized by a combination of hot and cool temperatures, with a maximum of 32 degrees Celsius during the day and a minimum of 15 degrees Celsius recorded on Monday night. What makes this weather distinctive is not just the drop in temperature but also the decrease in humidity and cooler nights.

During the daytime, the sun shines brightly, and the skies remain clear with no sign of cloudiness. According to the meteorological department, there is no significant weather system affecting the country, except for a western disturbance, identified as a cyclonic circulation over the western regions of Pakistan. Consequently, there won’t be any major changes in temperature in the state until around November 5.

Pachmarhi, the coldest hill station in the state, has witnessed a night temperature as low as 11 degrees. On Sunday-Monday night, the mercury dropped to 11.2 degrees, while the daytime temperature on Sunday reached 27.6 degrees. In Raisen, the day temperature increased by 5.4 degrees, reaching 30.2 degrees Celsius, with a night temperature of 13.1 degrees Celsius. Gwalior, on the other hand, experiences the hottest temperatures during the day, with a maximum of 34.2 degrees, and nights are relatively cooler at 15 degrees.

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