Kejriwal has lost his mind after going to jail: Yogi

Banda (UP), May 16 (UNI) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday in a strong rebuttal to Aam Aadmi Party convener and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s claims hinting at Yogi’s removal, asserted that the AAP leader has lost his mind after remaining in jail for 50 days.

Addressing an election rally for the Hamirpur-Mahoba Lok Sabha seat in Tindwari, Yogi said, “Kejriwal, who shattered his mentor Anna Hazare’s aspirations and sided with the corrupt, is now targeting me. Kejriwal has embraced Congress, against whom Anna protested, like a necklace.”

It may be noted that earlier in the day, Kejriwal claimed that Yogi will be removed from the post of Uttar Pradesh CM within two months, if BJP returns to power at the Centre.

Yogi urged the public to cast their votes in favour of the party candidate Pushpendra Singh Chandel from Hamirpur-Mahoba constituency.

“Kejriwal has shattered Anna Hazare’s hopes. It must be disheartening for Anna to witness the kind of politics that has arisen from his movement,” Yogi said just days after Hazare while voting in the fourth phase of Lok Sabha polls berated Kejriwal for his involvement in the Delhi Liquor scam.

Suggesting that Anna Hazare might never forgive him for this betrayal. He said that since assuming power, the AAP has surrounded itself with corrupt individuals. He said that with Kejriwal in jail, the people of Delhi felt a sense of relief, as if their ‘cough’ had subsided, but his release would likely cause them to ‘cough’ again.

The CM highlighted the significance of the Tindwara assembly, stating its historical importance in shaping the nation’s trajectory. “This assembly has not only produced a CM for the state but also a Prime Minister for the country. When I was invited to participate in a programme here, I felt compelled to attend,” he said.

He underscored the remarkable transformation witnessed in Bundelkhand over the past decade. “Previously, this region was dominated by various mafias, including the mining mafia, land mafia, forest mafia and dacoits. Samajwadi Party and Congress were complicit in protecting these criminal elements,” he said.

Yogi said, “They would nominate such individuals as public representatives, allowing the mafia and dacoits to exploit the populace and plunder the region’s resources. As a result, the youth of Bundelkhand were compelled to migrate, while daughters and sisters faced the arduous task of fetching water from afar.”

Asserting that the people have witnessed a transformation in Bundelkhand over the past decade, the UP CM said, “This is just the beginning. Bundelkhand will once again lead the country. Gone are the days when daughters and sisters had to travel miles to fetch water. Every household will now have access to tap water and that too, purified through RO systems.”

The CM said, “In terms of connectivity, every road is being expanded to accommodate two lanes and four lanes. Tourist destinations are being developed to attract visitors. Our defence corridor will be so robust that when our soldiers fire cannons on the border, it will proudly display ‘Made in Banda’.”

He said that the youth here struggled to find employment in the past. “However, in the next five years, the tables will turn, and the world will come here seeking job opportunities. By linking Jhansi to Chitrakoot, Mahoba, Hamirpur, and Banda, we aim to establish developed cities comparable to Noida and Greater Noida,” he said.

In a scathing critique of the opposition, Yogi asserted that those who once left Bundelkhand yearning for water and development, compromised the safety of sisters and daughters, robbed youth of job opportunities, and plundered resources, should now be made to yearn for every vote. “Ensure that such individuals lose their deposits in the current elections,” he said.

He said that parties like SP, Congress, AAP, and RJD belong to the same category. “When they come into power, they exploit the common man. Fortunately, we have witnessed the transformation of India. The nation’s reputation is growing globally, with welfare schemes benefiting the poor. After 500 years, Lord Ram has finally returned to his rightful place,” he said.

He said that when Lord Ram embarked on his journey to the forest, he specifically chose Chitrakoot and Bundelkhand. “Ram, whom Nishadraj eagerly awaited, has now reclaimed his rightful throne,” he said.

Yogi emphasised that every family that has cast their vote for the ‘lotus’ symbol can rightfully claim credit for the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. “This collective virtue unites you all,” he said while urging voters not to support sinners, tyrants, corrupt individuals, or traitors.

He highlighted that their votes have contributed to liberating India from terrorism, Naxalism, mafias, and dacoits.

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