Kaushiki Chakraborty mesmerizes in Poonam-37

Bhopal: As part of the 37th episode of Poonam, a program series focusing on popular and prestigious classical music by Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, a live performance of classical singing was given by eminent classical singer Ms. Kaushiki Chakraborty on the Muktakaash stage in front of Prakhya Bhawan situated on the lake side. Kaushiki Chakraborty, who has mastered the art of singing, presented her classical singing on the open air stage of Aavriti Bhawan of an institution with rich cultural heritage like Manav Sangrahalaya, Bhopal.

Bhopal audiences are connected to Indian traditional music because of its heritage and history, she says. She also praised the young visitors to the museum and said that it is my biggest blessing that they listen to good quality Khayal, Thumri, Kajri, Dadra music. In the journey of Hindustani Raga, I realized that these people will preserve and carry forward this tradition of singing. Wherever you look, you can see the stage, and when I look from here, I see a family.

In this evening of Poonam, artist Milind Kulkarni accompanying Ms. Kaushiki Chakraborty on harmonium, Yashwant Vaishnav on tabla, Murad Ali on sarangi and Subhash Gadkoti on tanpura, along with Ms. Vidya Subramaniam, Kaushiki ji performed the evening raga Vihaag.

At the beginning of the program, the director of the museum, Professor Amitabh Pandey, honored Ms. Kaushiki Chakraborty and all the accompanying her by giving them a shawl, shrifal and the emblem of the museum. While conducting the program, Mr. Vinay Upadhyay, while introducing Ms. Kaushiki ji, told that today she is the best Hindustani singer of her generation. Ms. Kaushiki performed at the prestigious Dover Lane Music Conference in Kolkata for ten years between 2000-2015. She also performed at Sawai Gandharva Music Festival in Pune, Tansen Festival in Gwalior, Har Vallabh Sangeet Sammelan in Jalandhar, Saptak Music Festival in Ahmedabad. Abroad she has performed at many prestigious venues in Europe and the United States.

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