Karnataka Cong leaders dismiss exit polls as “Modi fantasy” and “biased”

Bengaluru, June 3 (UNI) Exit polls have sparked a wave of skepticism among Karnataka’s political leaders, with several dismissing the projections as mere “fantasy” and “biased” creations of the media.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah rejected the exit poll results as a “media creation,” insisting that his party would clinch between 15 to 20 seats in Karnataka alone. He reiterated his party president’s assertion that the INDIA alliance would secure 295 seats at the central level.

Echoing similar sentiments, Minister Priyank Kharge lambasted the projections as “media fantasy polls, Modi fantasy polls,” asserting that the elections were contested against the BJP government’s economic policies and its perceived anti-constitutional stance.

Kharge confidently predicted that his party would secure over 295 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar also expressed optimism about INDI Alliance forming the government, brushing aside the exit poll predictions.

Similarly, Minister KN Rajanna dismissed the exit polls as “Modi polls,” labeling them as untrue. Rajanna confidently stated that his party would secure double-digit seats in Karnataka and win more than 15 seats.

Meanwhile, Minister HK Patil flayed the exit polls, alleging bias and lack of transparency in their sampling methods. He confidently asserted that his party would secure more than 16 seats in Karnataka and sweep North Karnataka.

Congress leader MB Patil echoed Patil’s sentiment, calling the exit polls unrealistic and accusing them of neglecting ground realities. He predicted significant losses for the BJP in states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Karnataka, refuting the existence of a “Modi wave” this time around.

Minister KH Muniyappa expressed disbelief at the exit poll results, emphasising that the true outcome would only be revealed in the following hours. He remained hopeful that his party would secure a majority in Karnataka.

As the anticipation builds up, Karnataka’s political landscape remains charged with uncertainty, awaiting the final verdict on the election results.

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