Kamala Shankar created a unique identity by innovating in medicinal crops

Inspiration received from Devranya scheme of AYUSH department

Bhopal: To increase the area of medicinal farming in Madhya Pradesh, AYUSH Department has started Devaranya Yojana. Inspired by this, many farmers have started growing medicinal plants in their fields. Shri Kamalashankar, a progressive farmer of Bhatkhedi village of Manasa tehsil of Neemuch district, has created his unique identity by innovating in this field.

Shri Kamalashankar Vishwakarma has been successful in doing new experiments in the field of bio-diversity along with the cultivation of medicinal crops. He has earned profit by planting medicinal crops of Ashwagandha and Shatavari as co-crops in the first year. For this he has also been given the first prize of Rs 25 thousand. Farmer Kamla Shankar says that now professional photographers are also shooting in his field. They are earning additional income from this.

1100 bamboo plants have been planted in the field

Under the National Bamboo Mission, farmer Kamla Shankar has planted 1100 bamboo saplings in his field. To see all this, farmers from the surrounding areas reach his fields. He has also done the work of naturally preserving 30 to 40 types of medicines in the field. In his field, Kaunch seeds, Varahikand, Giloy, Blue and White Aparajita, Aloe Vera, Kantakari, Hadjod, Harsingar, Hibiscus, Nagdaun, Apamarg, Dhatura, Kaner, Kadunay, Shivlingi, Kinkoda, Vidhara vine, small and big Dudhi, Asparagus, Medicinal plants like Mushparni, Bahuphali, Atibala, Gokhru, Ghamra, Kachnar, Palash, Mehndi, Shameless Bel/Behaya, Khair, Ashwagandha, Amla, Bahera, Castor, Tamarind, Neem, Sitaphal etc. are planted.’

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