Kamal Nath poses 5 questions to CM

  • Questions on farmers, women, students and other issues

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The atmosphere of Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections 2023 is heating up. The politics of the state has heated up due to allegations and counter-allegations between BJP and Congress. In response to BJP’s Jan Ashirwad Yatra, Congress is taking out the Jan Akrosh Yatra.

Kamal Nath is also seen cornering the Shivraj government of the state in his statements. Meanwhile, on Friday morning, 5 questions of Kamal Nath have also come into discussion. Kamal Nath has raised questions on social media on farmers, women, students and other issues. Kamal Nath has taunted on social media and said that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is engaged in futures trading these days. The people of Madhya Pradesh understand this best. He is pretending about the welfare of farmers, talking about the future of the youth and pretending about the welfare of women.

These are the 5 questions:

– Kamal Nath has written on social media that the public is asking that if you were so honest Shivraj-ji, then why did you stop the loan waiver of farmers which was started by the Congress government?

– Why were lakhs of farmers of Madhya Pradesh made defaulters? Shivrajji, why are lakhs of students and candidates protesting every day for their demands?

– Shivrajji, if you talk so much about women then why have elderly and widowed women not received pension for many months?

–  Shivrajji, if you are so well-wisher of women’s welfare, then why did you increase the price of Arhar dal above Rs 180 per kg?

–  Kamal Nath has also written a line at the end of the questions asked on social media that the people of Madhya Pradesh are going to take account of your lies of 18 years one by one.

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