Kamal Nath attacks BJP

  • Public is not helpless, they are ready to counterattack BJP: Former CM

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and President of the state unit of Congress, Kamal Nath, while attacking the organization of the party on the pretext of Bharatiya Janata Party’s Jan Ashirwad Yatra going on in the state, alleged on Saturday that if the local BJP workers get a chance, they will stop these false Yatras midway.

Kamal Nath posted on X. The more BJP’s Jan Ashirwad Yatra is trying to move forward, the more the fear of BJP’s defeat in the state is increasing day by day. Even if the local BJP workers who shake, lay and lift the carpets have just a little bit of willpower, they can end these false BJP yatras midway. Hard working workers are helpless even after getting bored with false announcements and speeches.

Along with this he said that the public is not helpless, they are ready to counterattack the BJP. He alleged that neither the central leadership nor the state leadership is giving command to the BJP workers. A big organization of workers is meaningless. Along with this, Kamal Nath gave a slogan, will leave the adulterated BJP, will join the true Congress.

CM encircled in Sheopur case

Kamal Nath said that Shivraj ji, you have become a school of innovation in corruption. You have crossed all limits of atrocities on tribals. Till now the public used to make allegations, but now even government officials are confirming it. The Collector of tribal dominated Sheopur district has revealed that illegal leases have been given to outsiders on a large scale in the district. Pattas were given to the people of Delhi, Haryana and Punjab in the name of tribals. Your entire government machinery is involved in this scam.

Kamal Nath asked these questions…
–       The tribal society asks you why did you grab their share of land?
–       When this free distribution of leases was going on for so long, why have you maintained silence?
–       Why have you maintained silence even after the collector himself exposed the scam?
–       Will you tell how much commission your government took in the lease scam?
–       Will you tell to whom these leases were given and what is their relationship with BJP?

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