Will there be a competition between Nana and Vijay Chaure again in Saunsar?

  • BJP again expresses confidence in Nanabhau Mohod
  • Presently, Vijay Chaure is an MLA from Congress

Purushottam Potre, Chhindwara
The main rival political parties Congress and BJP are in the final stages of election preparations for the assembly elections to be held by the end of the year. BJP has defeated Congress by announcing its candidate for Saunsar Assembly constituency of Chhindwara district bordering Maharashtra. The candidate announcement is awaited in the Congress. This time, BJP has again placed its bets on Nanabhau Mohod, who was a three-time MLA and lost the elections in 2018. Nanabhau Mohod won the first assembly elections in 2003. He hoisted the BJP flag in the assembly by defeating Ajay Chaure of Congress by 11865 votes. After this, Mohod remained MLA for three consecutive terms till 2018.

If we look at the geographical, social and cultural activities of the assembly constituency, it is divided into two development blocks. In this, above and below Mohkhed valley, Saunsar is adjacent to the border of Maharashtra. Whereas before delimitation, tribal dominated development block Bicchua was included in Saunsar assembly. Talking about family background in politics, the BJP was in control from 1990 and 2003 to 2018, while the Chaure family was in control of the Assembly from Congress since 1972. It was started in 1972 by Manikrao Chaure, resident of Kabarpipla. Later, Revnath Chaure remained in power from 1977 to 1985, but after his untimely death, his wife Mrs. Kamla Chaure won the mid-term elections of 1986 and maintained the dominance of the Chaure family which continued till 2003. In 1998, his son Ajay Chaure was victorious and this spell broke in 2003 and after being out of power for 15 consecutive years, in 2018, the Chaure family once again hoisted its flag in the assembly and currently Late. Revnath Chaure’s second son Vijay Chaure is an MLA from Congress.

However, BJP has once again expressed confidence in Nanabhau Mohod. Here the authorized candidate has not been announced yet by Congress. The residence area of former Chief Minister Kamal Nath falls in Saunsar Assembly. In the last assembly elections, Congress had captured all the seven assembly seats of the district.

History of Saunsar Assembly from 1962 till now

S. No. Year   Winner Candidate
1       1962 Sheshrao Bute
2       1967  Manikrao Choure (Congress)
3        1972  Manikrao Chaure (Congress)
4        1977  Revnath Chaure (Congress)
5        1980  Revnath Choure (Congress)
6       1985  Revnath Choure (Congress)
7        1986  Smt. Kamala Chauren (Congress)
8        1990  Ramrao Mahale (BJP)
9        1993  (Dr.) Vitthalrao Mahale (Congress)
10     1998  Ajay Chaure (Congress)
11     2003 Nanabhau Mohod(BJP)
12     2008  Nanabhau Mohod (BJP)
13    2013   Nanabhau Mohod (BJP)
14    2018   VijayChaure (Congress)

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