Kalbelia dance mesmerizes audience

  • Gangaram Bhopa introduces Bhopa singing
  • Cultural program will conclude on Sunday
  • Display of craft products

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
On the occasion of Vimukt Jati Day, a concentrated program of symposiums and cultural presentations was organized at Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum, in collaboration with Tribal Folk Art and Dialect Development Academy and Babulal Gaur Government Post Graduate College, BHEL, in which dishes of Vimukts were presented. There was a sale of crafts, Bhopa singing and Kalbeliya dance presentation.

In the programme, Bhopa singing was presented by Gangaram Bhopa, Jodhpur and Kalbelia dance was presented by Surmanath Kalbelia, Jodhpur. Bhopa singing was first performed in the program by Gangaram Bhopa, Jodhpur. Bhopa is the oral historian of the society, who is free from the cycle of time. While singing Phad, Bhopa has been narrating the journey from ancient India to modern India. Along with this, the story of the main characters is told along with the characters of common people, which are a part of collective memories. During the presentation he narrated the story of Maharaj Pabu Rathore. Artists told through a presentation that Pabu Ji Maharaj had brought the first camel to Rajasthan from Sindh province in 1400 AD. Before this, camels were not found in Rajasthan and that is why Bhopa considers them as their folk deity and tells about their work and contribution in their story. Gangaram does the work of reading Bhopa Phad. Phad is a cloth on which different types of figures are made and they sing about those figures with the help of their folk instrument (Ravana hatha).

In this way, they are oral historians, who bring alive the characters of history through their songs and tell about their struggles.

Kalbelia is famous in Rajasthan

After this, Surmanath Kalbelia presented Kalbelia dance. Kalbelia dance is one of the famous folk dances of Rajasthan. This dance is performed by Kalbelia, a snake charmer caste. Only women participate in Kalbeliya dance, who dance wearing black Ghagra, Angrakha and Odhani. In this dance, musical instruments like Bean, Dafli, Khanjari, Khuralio and Dholak are used.

At the same time, dishes and crafts of the Vimukt jati were displayed in the programme.

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