Radhakrishna will be adorned with jewelry worth 100 crores

  • Preparation begins, police assistance sought

Chronicle Reporter, Gwalior
On Janmashtami, the idol of Lord Radhakrishna will be decorated with jewelry worth Rs 100 crore at the Gopal temple located in Phool Bagh. For this, the entire Phulbagh area will be transformed into a high security zone on 7th September.

The temple will be opened for general visitors from 12 noon, which will continue till 12 midnight. Here, Municipal Commissioner Harsh Singh said that preparations have been made to adorn Lord Radhakrishna in the Gopal temple on Janmashtami and the Gopal temple will also be decorated. On the festival of Janmashtami, the idols of Lord Radhakrishna of Gopal Temple Phoolbagh will be adorned with this jewellery. Among these precious jewels, the diamond jewels of Lord Radhakrishna include a golden crown studded with diamond jewels of Lord Radhakrishna, a seven-strand necklace of emeralds and gold, a rosary of 249 pure pearls, bracelets studded with diamonds, a flute of diamonds and gold, a giant statue of Silver umbrella, 50 kg silver utensils, including Lord Shriji, Radha’s earrings, gold nose ring, kanthi, bangles, bracelets, God’s samai, perfume box, pitcher, incense holder, sieve, sankadi, umbrella, crown, glass, bowl. , Kubhkarni, Niranjani etc. are also included.

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