Jivitputrika puja at Khatlapura Ghat

Bhopal: Jeevitputrika fast was observed by the women of Bhojpuri community for the safety of their children at Khatlapura Ghat. On this occasion, the women heard the story of Jeetiya Vrat and wished for the well-being of their children. On this occasion, Bhojpuri Samaj Samiti Khatlapura with the help of local councilor. Arrangements for changing rooms were made from the committee. Rahul Dubey of the committee said that more than a hundred women of the family observed the fast at the ghat. On this occasion, people like Pankaj Thakur, Ram Pratap Singh, Mithilesh Rai, Akhilanand Rai, Sunil Rai etc. of the committee were present. Be present.

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