Hindi has established its presence on global level

Bhopal: Hindi Fortnight concluded at NITTTR Bhopal today. The chief guest of the program, Prof. Khem Singh Daheria, Vice Chancellor, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Hindi University said on this occasion that in this era of liberalization & globalization, Hindi has put on his mark in the world . The United Nations has also recognized Hindi as a language of contact and according to the new survey, Hindi has established its presence on the global level. Hindi is moving towards becoming a national language from an official language. Director of NITTTR Bhopal, Prof CC Tripathi said that Hindi is the basis of Indian culture and the glory of India resides in it. Let us all take a pledge to use Hindi extensively in our day-to-day work. Many nations and multinational companies have also taken the initiative to adopt Hindi.
In Hindi Pakhwada, many competitions were organized in NITTTR Bhopal, winners were also given prizes. Members of the jury of various competitions, Mrs. Vandana Tripathi, Prof. Ashok Sharma were present. For doing excellent work in Hindi in the institute, the Department of Applied Science was given a shield, which was received by Prof . P.K. Purohit, the head of the department and other faculty members and staff. The coordinator of the program was Dr. Vandana Somkunwar and the progaram was conducted by Mrs. Shobha Lekhwani and Sanjay Tripathi.

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