Jitu Patwari opens Congress war room

Chronicle Reporter, Indore
It is very important for State Congress President Jitu Patwari to perform well in the Lok Sabha elections because if Congress does not improve its performance then it will be difficult for Patwari to remain the state president. The way Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh adopted a joint strategy in the Rajya Sabha elections to prevent him from entering the Rajya Sabha, it is clear that the challenges for Jitu Patwari are not only outside the party but also within. Patwari has recently opened a Central War Room in Bhopal to speed up the Lok Sabha election campaign. Activities for 29 seats will be conducted from this central war room. According to the strategy of Congress, work will be done to convey the party’s activities and anti-people policies of BJP to the public through social media. Yesterday, the Central War Room was inaugurated by Congress State President Jitu Patwari. On the inauguration of the war room, all the district/city Congress presidents from across the state, candidates for the Assembly elections 2023, district in-charges, organization ministers and Congress officials, officials of Morcha organizations also joined through Zoom meeting. Jitu Patwari held a meeting with the members of the war room and discussed the usefulness of the war room. He said that the War Room will have the direct task of spreading the anti-people issues of the Bharatiya Janata Party along with the activities of the Congress Party to lakhs of Congressmen and the public of the state through media and social media on all 29 Lok Sabha seats of Madhya Pradesh for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2024. He said that every worker of the party is fully prepared. We all have to work in the spirit of ‘we’ and not ‘I’. Work actively to strengthen the party at Lok Sabha, Assembly, Block and booth level. The War Room will work in the interest of the organization by keeping in constant touch with the Congressmen through media and social media in a high-tech manner, from booth level to Mandal, Block, District and Lok Sabha level election activities in 29 Lok Sabha constituencies.


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