It is becoming difficult to convince angry people in Congress-BJP

  • Demonstration in PCC regarding change of candidate in Govindpura, angry workers of South West surrounded VD Sharma’s bungalow

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal

The great battle for Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections continues. It is becoming difficult for both the parties, Congress and BJP, to convince their supporters. The tussle over tickets is not stopping. The protests by angry workers continued on Sunday also.

Workers from many assembly constituencies reached Bhopal and expressed their dissatisfaction. Demand for changing tickets is still being raised on 12 seats of BJP and 18 seats of Congress. After the release of the list of candidates, there is dissatisfaction among the angry contenders and their supporters. The workers’ protest continued after reaching the party headquarters. On Sunday also, dissatisfied party workers of both the parties reached the BJP and Congress offices in Bhopal and expressed their displeasure.

The growing opposition here has given sleepless nights to top leaders in both the parties. Leaders of both the parties remained busy in damage control throughout the day. In Congress, Kamal Nath, Digvijay Singh and Randeep Surjewala made a strategy to end the discontent. Whereas in BJP, many leaders like Bhupendra Yadav, Ashwani Vaishnav, VD Sharma took the lead to pacify the angry people.

Local demand- BJP has increased its problems by giving ticket to Ghanshyam Chandravanshi from Kalapipal assembly seat. Here the workers are demanding to give tickets to the local candidate. Angry workers reached the BJP state headquarters and created a ruckus. They sat on Dharna here and raised slogans against candidate Chandravanshi. The workers were adamant on the demand of changing the ticket of Chandravanshi. They said that the ticket should be given to a local leader instead of an outsider.

Activity was increased in the area in anticipation of ticket

It is noteworthy that Congress Party has given ticket to Digvijay supporter Ravindra Sahu Jhumarwala from this area. Deepti Singh is opposing this. Deepti had full hope that she would get the ticket. Actually, she is considered a supporter of Congress State President and former Chief Minister Kamal Nath. She had increased her activity in Govindpura assembly constituency in the hope of getting a ticket. She was going among the women and conducting bhajan-kirtan. She was active in meetings and demonstrations also.

Demonstration by supporters of former minister Uma Shankar Gupta

There is a protest in the South West Assembly seat of Bhopal also. Angry workers reached the residence of state VD Sharma on Sunday and surrounded him. They raised the demand for changes in the ticket. Not only this, they also warned of mass resignation. The workers said that former minister Uma Shankar Gupta should be given the ticket. Bhagwan Das Sabnani should be removed.

Not only this, he also warned of mass resignation. The workers said that former minister Uma Shankar Gupta should be given the ticket. Bhagwan Das Sabnani should be removed.

MLA’s supporters poured Diesel

After the ticket was cut, Badnagar MLA Murli Morwal along with a large number of supporters reached Kamal Nath’s residence on Sunday. Murli Morwal’s supporters created a ruckus in front of Kamal Nath’s bungalow. Congress raised slogans to come to its senses. Demanded to give ticket to Morwal again. The angry workers did not stop here, they also tried to set themselves on fire by pouring diesel on themselves. The present police force stopped the workers and controlled the situation.

Protest against Jhumarwala

Here, in Congress too, a large number of supporters of PCC leader Deepti Singh reached Govindpura assembly seat. They sat outside the gate here and recited Hanuman Chalisa. All of them were angry with Ravindra Sahu being made the candidate from Govindpura seat. They said that the ticket should be given to the woman in front of the woman. They also warned that if Congress does not take a decision, the protests will continue in future also.

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