Indore to welcome Sleeper Vande Bharat Train this year

  • To benefit Mumbai Travelers

Bhopal: Indore, which initially received its first Vande Bharat train running to Bhopal, saw the route extended to Nagpur after travelers rejected it due to high ticket prices and no significant time savings. Now, Indore is set to welcome a Sleeper Vande Bharat train by the end of this year, running between Indore and Mumbai. Western Railway has submitted the proposal for this train to the Time Table Conference, which has also been forwarded to the Railway Board.

High passenger demand on this route

The Sleeper Vande Bharat train between Indore and Mumbai is anticipated to commence service between October and December. Due to the high passenger demand on this route, existing trains like the Avantika Express and the Indore-Mumbai Duronto Express often have limited availability. The introduction of the Sleeper Vande Bharat would provide passengers with an additional convenient travel option between these two cities.

Railways could earn more revenue

Passengers often opt for the Indore-Daund Express out of necessity. However, they are required to disembark at Kalyan-Vasai Road in order to reach Mumbai. This situation presents an opportunity for the railways to potentially introduce the Sleeper Vande Bharat service on this route, which could lead to increased revenue. Introducing this service could also alleviate the burden on other trains operating along this route, providing passengers with the choice of traveling on a semi-high speed modern train.

Former Lok Sabha Speaker and MP, Sumitra Mahajan, sent a letter to Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav requesting the introduction of a Vande Bharat train service between Indore and Mumbai. Passengers traveling to Ujjain will also benefit from the Vande Bharat train service operating between Indore and Mumbai. The establishment of the Mahakal Lok has led to an increase in the number of passengers visiting Ujjain.

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