India and Maldives dwell upon ‘mutually workable solution’ : MEA

New Delhi, Jan 18 (UNI) India, and Maldives dwelled upon “mutually workable solution” for continued operation of Indian aviation platforms to provide humanitarian service to people of Maldives, MEA Spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said on Thursday.

Addressing a weekly press conference here , Randhir Jaiswal said, ” On 14 January we held a meeting of the core group of both countries and we have discussed several aspects of bilateral relationships”.

When asked about the Maldives government’s decision to withdraw Indian troops from the country, the MEA spokesperson said “Whatever’s discussed was put out in the press release… this is an ongoing discussion, so things will go forward or things will be discussed in the next meeting of the core group very soon.”

Over the issue of India’s stand on Iran-Pakistan issue , he said, India has a clear stand on terrorism and we have released a press statement in this regard yesterday”.

“It’s a matter between Iran and Pakistan and we will not make any further comments on this issue”.

On Wednesday reacting to Iran’s strikes on militant group Jaish al-Adl bases in Pakistan India said this is a matter between the two countries.

“Insofar as India is concerned, we have an uncompromising position of zero tolerance towards terrorism. We understand actions that countries take in their self defense,” said the statement.

When asked about India’s position regarding the Israel-Hamas, Randhir said , “We have condemned terrorism, called for the release of hostages, sought the protection of civilians, and called for the provision of humanitarian assistance.

We also stand for a long-term two-state solution”.

On the question of the Red Sea and discussion in Iran with the external affairs minister, “We are deeply concerned about the whole situation. It does impact not just us, but it’s an important shipping lane for not just India, but for the world”.

He further added that the Indian Navy is patrolling the area and trying to secure the sea lanes and do their best so that our economic interests are not impacted”.

On the relation with China, MEA Spokesperson said, “Our relations with China are not normal, as we have said before…Diplomatic and military level talks are going on between the two countries to maintain peace at the border.”

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