Hamas’s military wing shoots down Israeli helicopter

Doha, Oct 26 (UNI) Hamas’s military wing, the Qassam Brigades, said on Thursday it had shot down an Israeli helicopter with a Sam7 surface-to-air missile above central Gaza Strip.

“The fighters of Al-Qassam Brigades have launched a Sam7 missile toward the enemy to the east of the Bureij refugee camp. The hit was recorded,” the group wrote on its Telegram channel.

The Israel Defense Forces has not commented on the situation yet.

On October 7, Hamas launched a surprise large-scale rocket attack against Israel from the Gaza Strip. Israel launched retaliatory strikes and ordered a complete blockade of the Gaza Strip, home to more than 2 million people, cutting off supplies of water, food and fuel. Last week, several trucks with humanitarian aid were allowed into the Gaza Strip. The escalation of the conflict has resulted in thousands of people killed and injured on both sides.

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