Govt wants to harass the complainant

  • Lie of 50 percent commission in Shivraj govt exposed: KK Mishra

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
At present, a war of words is going on between the leaders of BJP and Congress in the state. While the Congress is alleging 50 percent commission in the Shivraj government, the BJP is also constantly retaliating. On Saturday, KK Mishra, the state president of the media department of the Congress, made many allegations against the government in the press conference. Mishra has said that finally the 50 percent commission secret of the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government has officially come to the fore. The entire state received a letter through social media in which a contractor has complained to the Chief Justice of the High Court that corruption is at its peak in the state due to 50 percent commission. This letter was prominently picked up by the media of Madhya Pradesh. Mishra said that I thank the person who wrote this letter to the Hon’ble High Court, because this letter has been written to the Hon’ble High Court, so there is no separate response from me on this. Commenting would not be appropriate. Whatever cognizance has to be taken on this, the High Court will take it. But every citizen of Madhya Pradesh completely agrees with the things mentioned in the letter. I would request the Honorable High Court that the person writing the letter should be considered as a whistleblower and he should be provided with full security. All of you will remember that during the Vyapam scam, more than 58 people died suspiciously. At that time the Supreme Court itself had taken cognizance of these deaths and had said that such incidents would not be allowed to happen anymore.

Besieged govt on many issues

Mishra said that the news of scam in the nutritional food of children and pregnant women in Madhya Pradesh is in front of all of you. The way the scam was done in the construction of Mahakal Lok, the idols of the seven sages, which fell there due to the blowing of the wind, speak for themselves. The washing away of the Karam Dam in a slight flood tells how much commission is going on in the contracting in Madhya Pradesh. Not so long ago, the RTO of Bhopal was removed because a reputed newspaper had published the details of the transactions taking place in the RTO office. Today the Honorable Prime Minister is also in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh. I hope he asks the government why so many scams are happening in Madhya Pradesh. Why is the public calling the Shivraj government a commission rule government? Along with this, I would like to ask Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra and Bharatiya Janata Party State President VD Sharma, why are they talking about taking criminal action against people who expose corruption instead of investigating corruption and looking into their own backyard? Are we to believe that the State President of BJP and the Home Minister of the State have taken the contract of protection and promotion of corruption in Madhya Pradesh. Is it the job of the Home Minister to punish those who expose corruption and eat cream by sitting on the dais with those who do corruption?

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