Good governance and public welfare are priorities: CM

Bhopal: Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav said that he is committed to fully implement Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s ideal concept of good governance in Madhya Pradesh. The state government will continue to seek guidance from the Government of India while taking important decisions and will always work for the betterment of the 8.5 crore people of the state while following the path of good governance. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav expressed these views today in a news channel programme organized at ITC Maurya, New Delhi.

Dr. Yadav said that a two-day training programme of the state Cabinet was recently organized to enhance quality of governance. This will increase accountability and transparency in administrative functioning. In a good administration, it is also the responsibility of the government to ensure proper implementation of law. In compliance with the decision of the Supreme Court, the use of loudspeakers is being controlled in the state in this connection. According to the Food Security Act, selling food items in the open is prohibited. In compliance with this law, open sale of meat, fish etc. has been banned in the state. The state government will follow all the instructions regarding good governance and spirit under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Modi. The state government is committed to the development and welfare of the poor, youth, farmers and women as intended by Prime Minister Shri Modi.

Dr. Yadav informed that the state is situated in the center of the country and is free from natural disasters like floods and storms thus it has immense possibilities of development. Madhya Pradesh has topped the country in implementing the new education system, increasing the gross registration rate and in the mineral sector. The state government will also work committedly in the coming years for the betterment of the people in areas like employment, education, minerals, forest areas etc.

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