Gift to policemen on New Year

283 sub-inspectors made acting inspectors

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The Mohan Yadav government of Madhya Pradesh has given the gift of promotion to policemen before the New Year. MP Police Department has made 283 sub-inspectors as acting inspectors. Police Headquarters has issued orders in this regard.

Recently, Madhya Pradesh Police Headquarters had released a fit list of 465 sub-inspectors and now in the first phase, out of the fit list of 465, 283 have been made acting inspectors from sub-inspectors. Now, as per the requirement, the remaining policemen of the department will be promoted to the post of Acting Inspector. Recently, Chief Minister Mohan Yadav had said in his very first order that promotion of sub inspectors should be done in 15 days, hence the pace of promotion is visible at the departmental level. According to the information, while issuing the fit list, it was said in the order that if there is any departmental inquiry, criminal case against any of the sub-inspectors included in this suitability list or any punishment related to withholding of increment is effective, then in respect of such sub-inspectors, immediately inform the police headquarters. It will be mandatory for sub inspectors to pass basic training. But sub-inspectors who have completed their studies before the age of 50 years will be exempted from this. This suitability list will be valid for 18 months i.e. one and a half years.

Policemen promoted

Chhatarpur- Balmik Choubey, Udayveer Singh Tomar became acting inspector from high charge sub-inspector.
Pushpak Sharma, CID Police Headquarters Bhopal
Ashutosh Shrotiya, Pankaj Sharma, Roopnarayan Pateria
Brajendra Chachodia, Madhavi Agnihotri Special Branch Bhopal, Amita Agnihotri AJAC Police Headquarters Bhopal, Rajkumar Litoria State Cyber Cell Bhopal, Ravi Upadhyay PTS Makronia Sagar, Bharat Chavda posted from Mandsaur to Narcotics Wing Indore.
Rakesh Chaudhary posted from Mandsaur to Narcotics Wing Indore, Sanjeev Singh Parihar posted from Mandsaur to Narcotics Wing Indore.
Shivanshu Malviya transferred from Mandsaur to Bhopal
Roop Singh Bais transferred from Mandsaur district to Bhopal, became RI from high charge Subedar
Dalveer Marco becomes Damoh traffic in-charge
Brihaspati Saket became Chhatarpur traffic in-charge.

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