BJP MLA’s son booked for reckless driving, injuring child

Bhopal, A video capturing the reckless driving of Dinesh Lodhi, son of BJP MLA Pritam Lodhi, in Gwalior has gained widespread attention on social media. The footage shows Dinesh Lodhi speeding in the residential Old Cantonment area, colliding with an Activa scooter parked outside a house, and consequently striking a child who was standing nearby.

This incident occurred on Sunday night, shortly before Dinesh Lodhi was apprehended by the police. In response to the incident, Dinesh Lodhi was charged with attempted murder, and he was subsequently arrested. The reckless act, where his Scorpio car collided with an Activa parked near Ravindra Yadav’s residence, was captured by CCTV cameras.

Following a complaint from the Yadav family, the police initiated a case and took Dinesh Lodhi into custody. It is worth noting that Dinesh Lodhi has faced legal issues before, and cases have been registered against him in the past. Ravindra Yadav, the resident whose property was damaged, has ties to the late gangster Bhagwan Das Kamariya, who was fatally shot outside his house around a decade ago.

Pritam Singh Lodhi, the BJP MLA and father of Dinesh Lodhi, recently won in the assembly elections from the Pichhore constituency in Shivpuri. This marked his fourth consecutive victory on a BJP ticket, despite facing multiple ongoing legal cases.

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