Freezing of Cong account is freezing of Indian democracy: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Mar 21 (UNI) Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday attacked the government for freezing the party’s accounts and said that freezing the Congress’ bank accounts is freezing of Indian democracy.

Addressing a press conference at the AICC headquarters here, the Congress leader said, “This is not the freezing of the Indian National Congress’ bank accounts. This is the freezing of Indian democracy”.

Rahul Gandhi said, “With all the bank accounts of our party have been frozen, in such a situation, we can do no campaign work. We cannot support our workers. We cannot send our leaders anywhere. Leave aside flights, we can’t even take a train. We cannot book advertisements; we cannot do anything. And this is being done two months before the election campaign”.

He further said, “There is no democracy in India today and this is a criminal action done by the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. It is very clear. Being the main Opposition, 20 percent of the country vote for us and we are not able to pay even Rs 2. Even if the agency defreeze out accounts , it will be difficult as huge damage has already been done to the democracy of India”.

He alleged that such actions by the Prime Minister and the Home Minister was an “assault on democracy”.

Moreover, the Congress leader also hit out at the institutions for failing to protect the democratic framework.

“There are in the country that are supposed to protect the democratic framework. However, no court is saying anything. The Election Commission is silent, no other institution is speaking out, and the media is not addressing the issue,” the Wayanad MP said.

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