Former CM Uma Bharti’s taunt on minister Chetanya Kashyap

If you leave 12 lakhs then what is the big deal?

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Madhya Pradesh’s richest MLA and Cabinet Minister Chaitanya Kashyap has announced not to take his salary in the Assembly. On this, former CM Uma Bharti gave him advice and wrote that even if a leader with assets worth Rs 296 crore gives up Rs 12 crore, what is the big deal.

She wrote on social media that Chetan Kashyap, who recently became a minister and a prosperous Jain businessman from Ratlam, has declared his assets worth Rs 296 crore. Just a few days ago, it was written in the newspapers of Madhya Pradesh that he does not take his MLA salary. Which is approximately Rs 12 lakh per year. Uma Bharti wrote that if a person with Rs 296 crore leaves Rs 12 lakh to the government, then what is the big deal in it. She further wrote that Chetanya Kashyap, instead of returning the salary to the government, should spend this amount on the education of underprivileged girls. We have to remember that not all MLAs are big businessmen nor do they expand their business through politics. She wrote that if it is to be made easier for the MLAs and MPs to follow the path of honesty, then the salary and other allowances of all the MLAs, except the capitalist MLAs like Chetan Kashyap, should be given considering the current circumstances.

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