Action to be taken for DJ noise during New Year celebrations

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
This time the New Year will have to be celebrated without any noise. If there is excessive noise anywhere, an FIR will be registered against the concerned person by the local police station under sections of violation of government rules.

In fact, the government has given orders to follow the guidelines of the Supreme Court. Under this, Collector Ashish Singh has set rules for using loudspeakers and DJs. While it is ensured that one loudspeaker is used, only two boxes can be used by the DJ operator. According to the information, there are about 600 DJ operators in the city. Those who have previously demanded the administration to increase the number of boxes but the Collector has refused to accept their demand. In such a situation, now during the new year they will have to use only two boxes as per the rules. SDMs of all the circles of the district have been made in-charge of the parties. Pollution Control Board officials and police stations in-charge will take action together.

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