Forest personnel being deployed on duty in Lok Sabha elections

  • President of MP Forest Employees Forum, Pandey raises questions

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The postcard movement of forest employees under the leadership of Madhya Pradesh Karmachari Manch, which started on April 16, in protest against the election duty proceedings of the collectors, continued on the 14th day as well.

Forest employees of Madhya Pradesh have so far sent 60 thousand postcards in the name of the Chief Secretary. State President of Madhya Pradesh Employees Forum, Ashok Pandey said that contrary to the rules of the National Election Commission, collectors of 33 districts have still not relieved the forest employees from election duty, which also includes the capital Bhopal district. Pandey alleged that the collectors of the districts are disobeying the High Court order, instructions of the Chief Electoral Officer and the rules of the National Election Commission. Till now, only 22 district collectors have relieved forest employees from election duty due to contempt of the High Court and postcard movement.

Pandey said that this is the first time in 40 years that action has been taken by the Collectors to exempt only the executive forest employees from election duty, whereas the rules of the National Election Commission were already there, But contrary to the administration rules, the duty of forest employees was put to the elections every year. For the first time, through the organization, forest employees fought both in court and through agitation and got success in this also.

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