Foes of Bharat’s identity will never succeed in their designs: PM Modi

Chitrakoot (MP), Oct 27 (UNI) In a blitzkrieg against those who wish ill for Indian culture, Prime Minister Narendra Modi thundered on Friday that individuals who are yet to be liberated from a slave mentality, despite decades of Independence, harbour hatred towards Sanskrit, which is not only a language of tradition but also a tongue of Bharat’s progress and identity.

Addressing a programme at Tulsi Peeth in this renowned pilgrim destination of election-bound Madhya Pradesh’s Satna district, the visiting dignitary averred, “People of such mindset have been encountering vanquishment for the past millennium and shall not be successful in future as well.

If any forgotten language’s inscription is discovered, such persons glorify the same but fail to respect Sanskrit that has had an emphatic presence stretching across millennia. If citizens of other countries possess knowledge of their respective mother tongues then the category of individuals I am referring to showers praise but knowing Sanskrit is considered a sign of backwardness by them.”

During a thousand years of thraldom, numerous attempts were made to uproot Bharat and one of those was the evil design regarding destruction of Sanskrit, the Prime Minister underlined

“Several millennia of world history bore witness to the emergence and extinguishment of many languages. However, Sanskrit is both akshunn (intact) and atal (steadfast). With the passage of time, it was definitely polished but certainly not polluted. The reason is Sanskrit’s mature grammar that aided the birth of the Vedas, Mahakavi Kalidas’ immortal works and even treatises on the art of warfare such as the Dhanurveda.

In this era, leading global universities are undertaking comprehensive research on Sanskrit. In fact, the Lithuanian Ambassador learnt the language,” Mr Modi observed.

The Prime Minister released the Ashtadhyayi Bhashya, Ramanandacharya Charitam and Bhagwan Shri Krishna ki Rashtraleela by Jagadguru Rambhadracharya who lost his sight during childhood but never let that fact constitute an impediment on the path of knowledge.

“The Jagadguru has played a vital role in fulfilling another dream of every citizen. The Ram temple, for which you have contributed so much – within and outside court – is also going to be completed,” he added.

Earlier, the Prime Minister graced the birth centenary celebrations of legendary industrialist and social reformer Arvind Mafatlal and attended a programme at the Shri Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust.

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