Flyover bridge may start in April

  • 60 percent traffic of Bhopal’s MP Nagar will pass

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Traffic is expected to start from Bhopal’s flyover bridge (from Gayatri Mandir to Ganesh Mandir) by April. Slab and finishing work at the entry points on both sides of the bridge are in the final stages.

Here, the work of bridge slab and service lane between MP Nagar and Dak Bhawan has also been expedited. PWD officials say that once the service lane is built, about 60 percent of the traffic of MP Nagar will pass through the bridge. This will provide relief to the commuters from the traffic jam during peak hours. The work of the flyover started on 20 December 2020 at a total cost of Rs 138 crore, but due to Corona period, non-shifting of Narmada Line and other issues, the flyover could not be completed. The bottleneck of pipeline shifting was resolved in October-November. After this the work gained momentum. The length of this 15 meter wide bridge is 2,734 meters (about 2.75 kilometers). It has a main lane of 2,534 meters, while there is a third lane of 200 meters. Third lane i.e. the last end near Gayatri Temple, from where the traffic of the flyover will be divided into two parts.

This picture forms during peak hours

Peak hours i.e. between 10 am to 12 noon and 5 pm to 8 pm, it takes about 20 minutes to cover this distance. There is traffic pressure even during the day. Metro work is also going on near this flyover. Due to this also a jam situation is created. After construction of the flyover, this distance can be covered in just 5 minutes. According to estimates, 60 percent of the traffic on the main road of MP Nagar will pass through the flyover.

More emphasis on third lane of 200 meters

Officials said that more than 90% of the work on the bridge has been completed. The remaining work including finishing, construction of slab at the entry point and service lane remained. On the other hand, there is more emphasis on the third lane of about 200 meters between MP Nagar and Dak Bhawan. The emphasis is on completing this work within two months. So traffic can be started from the bridge by the last week of April.


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