First-Year MBBS student dies of suicide

Bhopal: In a tragic turn of events at Chirayu Medical College in Bhopal, a first-year MBBS student was discovered dead in her hostel room on Monday morning, prompting an investigation by local authorities.

Initial reports from police officials indicate the absence of a suicide note within the room. The Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) team has meticulously examined the premises, with the student’s laptop and mobile phone seized for further analysis. Investigators are currently pursuing call records to ascertain the last individual the student communicated with.

The victim, identified as 22-year-old Rani More, hails from Dhasal village, Jhirka tehsil, Khargone district, and was pursuing her MBBS degree at Chirayu Medical College.

The tragic discovery was made when the student failed to emerge from her room on Monday morning, despite the usual routine. Concerned, the hostel warden attempted to make contact but received no response. Subsequently, staff members were alerted, and upon entering the room, they were met with the distressing sight of the student’s lifeless body suspended from the ceiling fan by a scarf fashioned into a noose.

Police were promptly notified, and the student’s body was transferred to Hamidia Hospital’s mortuary pending further procedures. A post-mortem examination is scheduled for Tuesday, awaiting the arrival of the deceased’s relatives.

This heartbreaking incident has sent shockwaves through the college community, prompting reflection and support for those affected by the loss.

Dumper strikes family on bike; dies, wife and child hospitalized

In a heartbreaking incident late on Sunday night, tragedy struck a family in Bhopal as a speeding dumper collided with their bike on the Arif Nagar bridge. The impact claimed the life of the husband, Faizan Khan, while his wife, Saman, and their 2-and-a-half-year-old son sustained injuries, according to police reports. The fatal collision occurred around 12:15 am during the intervening hours of Sunday and Monday.

Faizan Khan, a 24-year-old painter, was returning home with his family after dinner at his in-laws’ place when the accident occurred. The dumper, traveling at high speed,hit their bike on the Arif Nagar bridge, causing catastrophic consequences. Despite efforts to save him, Khan succumbed to his severe injuries at the scene, succumbing to excessive bleeding.

Saman and their son were immediately rushed to the hospital for medical treatment. Eyewitnesses attempted to apprehend the dumper’s driver, but he managed to escape, leaving the vehicle behind. Incensed by the tragedy, some bystanders damaged the dumper in frustration. The police have initiated an investigation and registered a case against the unidentified driver responsible for this devastating incident.

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