Devotees celebrate Hanuman Jayanti with devotion and fervour

Bhopal : The city of Bhopal came alive today as devotees thronged temples, participated in religious processions, and indulged in communal feasts to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti with unwavering devotion and zeal. The streets echoed with chants of hymns, resonating the spiritual significance of the occasion.

The jayanti of Maruti Nandan Hanuman ji was celebrated with great pomp. Shri Bajrang Mandir Pampapur Harsh Vardhan Nagar has entered its 90th year. Akhand Ramayana and Hanuman Chalisa were recited in the temple. The temple was decorated with balloons and Hanuman ji was consecrated and decorated with gold. Along with this, 201 kg Prasad was offered. Temple priest Pandit Lokesh Sharma told that the Hanuman temple built by Aghoris, situated amidst the forests since the Nawabi period, has entered the 90th year. Bhandara was organized in the evening.

Scores of devotees, clad in traditional attire, lined up outside temples across the city since the early hours of the morning, eager to offer prayers and seek blessings from Lord Hanuman, the epitome of strength and devotion in Hindu mythology. The atmosphere was charged with religious fervor as men, women, and children patiently waited in long queues, undeterred by the scorching sun.

Shobha yatras, or religious processions, formed a significant part of the celebrations, with vibrant displays of colors, music, and dance. Devotees carried ornately decorated chariots and banners depicting scenes from the life of Lord Hanuman, marching through the streets with joyous fervor. The rhythmic beats of drums and the melodious tunes of bhajans (devotional songs) filled the air, creating an atmosphere of divine jubilation.

In addition to the spiritual festivities, bhandaras, or mass feasts, were organized at various temples and community centers, symbolizing the spirit of sharing and camaraderie among devotees.


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