Every vote is essential to fortify democracy: Rajan

  • CEO travels on tractor to spread awareness among voters

Bhopal: To elevate voter turnout for the third and fourth phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections, the “Chalein Booth Ki Ore” campaign has been initiated across polling stations within the corresponding parliamentary constituencies.

Rajan actively engaged in this campaign, personally participating in Bilkisganj and Kankarkhera villages of Sehore district. Emphasizing the significance of each ballot, Rajan urged citizens to exercise their franchise to fortify democracy. He traversed the village aboard a tractor, spreading awareness among voters.

Rajan urged voters to embrace the grand celebration of democracy by actively participating in the Lok Sabha elections. Encouraging citizens to cast their votes without hesitation, he emphasized the importance of playing an engaged role in fortifying Indian democracy. Rajan stressed the need for an enhanced voter turnout in the upcoming two phases, underscoring the significance of every individual exercising their franchise. He highlighted the necessity for the same level of enthusiasm and discipline observed presently to be maintained on Election Day.

Rajan honoured senior and Divyang voters

Rajan has said that during the voting, tight security arrangements have been made in the polling stations. In view of the heat, adequate arrangements for shade, water, medicines and seating have been made in all the polling stations. Rajan honoured senior voters and Divyang voters by presenting them with flower bouquets, shawls, shrifal and tying turbans and gave EPIC cards to young voters. At the end of the programme, he administered an oath to the citizens present to definitely vote.

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