Enumerating achievements and promising to fulfill guarantees

People gather in roadshow of Union Minister Scindia

Overwhelmed by the welcome, Scindia says – I am confident, our victory is confirmed.
Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia conducted a huge road show in favor of candidate Alok Sharma in the North Assembly. During this, a huge crowd gathered to welcome Scindia in the road show. The public was welcomed by showering flowers and grand fireworks during the entire road show. Scindia rode a chariot with North Assembly candidate Alok Sharma and reached Durga Chowk of Tilajamalpura via Regiment Road from Shajahanabad Square. Before starting the road show, Union Minister Scindia reached the temple of Kali Maa and made a darshan. During this time, candidate Alok Sharma was with him. During the road show, officials and residents of various societies set up stages to welcome him. Women also did not lag behind in welcoming. The women had brought decorated plates from their homes. At many places, women applied tilak to Maharaj Scindia and performed aarti. Overwhelmed by the welcome, Jyotiraditya Scindia said, I am fully confident that this time the lotus is going to bloom on Bhopal North seat. Alok Sharma is going to win with a huge majority with your blessings. BJP’s resolve is of development and service. The Congress MLA did not get any development done here. But I assure you that Alok Sharma will definitely bring about development.

Noises are coming from everywhere in Govindpura that Jhumarwala is coming

Congress candidate from Govindpura, Ravindra Sahu Jhumarwala was welcomed at different places in the area. On Thursday, Jhumarwala did intensive public relations in ward number 54 Bagsevania and ward 55 of the area. Seeing the poor condition of roads and drains in this area, Jhumarwala said that if he wins the elections, he will solve the basic problems like roads and drains. He said that the roads of Ward 54 and 55 are uprooted. Dust flies from the roads when the vehicle moves. People from the same family have been represented here for 50 years, but there has been no development in the area. You bring change, we will develop. Supporters of Jhumarwal raised slogans of Aala Re Aala, there is only one noise in the entire Govind Pura, now Jhumarwala will come.

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