Encroachment removed from green belt area on second day too

  • Corporation taking action on instructions of NGT

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Following the instructions of the NGT, the process of removing encroachments from the green belt area by the district administration is continuing.

Under which, on the second day on Sunday, the work of removing about 16 encroachments from Banskhedi to Cancer Hospital in Kolar Tehsil was done by the Administration, Police, Municipal Corporation, PWD and CPA. The fruit and vegetable market once again got established at Asharam intersection. Not only this, food shops were also set up. On Sunday, the second day of the action, people who had missed setting up shops were also seen looking for space to occupy. Similarly, three months ago, on August 5, the Municipal Corporation had taken major action to remove encroachment here, but that too had no effect on the encroachers here.

It is noteworthy that there are dozens of illegal shops selling fruits and vegetables and food items on the main road from Asharam intersection to Rajiv Gandhi University and Abbas Nagar. Due to which, there is a lot of problem due to the jam caused due to the halt of buyers along with a large number of vehicles at this intersection. To remove the ever-increasing encroachments, the Municipal Corporation’s encroachment staff took action with five loading vehicles and a JCB machine on Saturday and not only demolished the roadside spots, they also confiscated goods from many shops.

There is a traffic jam in retail shops

Ayodhya Bypass Highway is built till Airport and Gandhi Nagar intersection. Due to which the highway going to Indore, Jaipur, Guna, Vidisha, Sagar, Bairasian, Sironj, Raisen is directly connected. This bypass was built for this. Its Ratnagiri intersection, Ayodhya Nagar intersection, Bhanpur intersection, Karod intersection have been developed commercially. Due to retail shops being established at these intersections, traffic jams persist. Due to local politics, action on encroachment is also less here. Similarly, the colonies between New Jail and Asharam Square, Gandhi Nagar have also not developed rapidly. Until the permanent responsibility is fixed after the encroachment is removed. There doesn’t seem to be a solution.

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