Effective measures necessary to prevent fire incidents in summer: Railway GM

  • Coordination review meeting held on Tuesday in the first week of June

Jabalpur: On Tuesday, June 04, the weekly coordination review meeting was held under the chairmanship of West Central Railway General Manager Shobhana Bandopadhyay. Additional General Manager R.S. Saxena along with the chief department heads of the headquarters were present in this meeting. Also, the Divisional Railway Managers of the three divisions were connected through video conferencing. In this meeting, safety, punctuality, average speed of goods trains, capital expenditure (capex), commodity wise loading, prevention of incidents of fire during summer season, curbing incidents of loco failure and signal failure were discussed and along with this, improvement in key performance index (KPI), quick resolution of passenger complaints and review of manpower based contracts were also done. Along with this, keeping safety in mind, emphasis was laid on increasing the speed limit of various railway sections and safe operation of trains along with passenger amenities.

At the beginning of the meeting, General Manager Shobhana Bandopadhyay said that to ensure that there are no incidents of fire anywhere in the railway premises or running trains or stations during the summer season, railway officials should conduct inspections from time to time. Follow the safety circular of Railway Board and Headquarters. The General Manager appealed to the railway passengers not to travel with inflammable substances in trains and avoid smoking. The General Manager gave necessary guidelines regarding maximum use of capital expenditure (capex) in all three divisions, effective measures to increase commodity wise traffic in freight transportation, improving the average speed of freight trains, speeding up fencing wall works along the tracks. The General Manager said that there is a need to pay special attention to the punctuality of passenger trains and freight trains. Similarly, there is a need to work with planning towards achieving the target of freight loading in the current financial year. Necessary guidelines were given to expedite the work of major station re-development going on under Amrit Station Yojana and complete it within the time limit.

The General Manager also reviewed the progress of the work going on under Amrit Station Yojana under infrastructure works. He said that safety is paramount for the Railways. He reviewed the progress of work and projects for increasing passenger facilities and directed the concerned officials to expedite the work. Bandopadhyay directed the departmental heads and divisional railway managers to ensure punctual running of trains while giving priority to safety and security and passenger amenities during infrastructure construction works.

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