Drains clogged with garbage and roads dilapidated

  • Only 36 sanitation workers for a population of 40 thousand in Ward 8 of city, there are heaps of garbage lying everywhere in colonies

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The Municipal Corporation of the capital has been formed to solve the problems of the common citizens, but due to the negligence of the corporation officials, the residents of Koh-e-fiza area Ward 08 are troubled by filth, mosquitoes and dilapidated roads. Despite this area being in the center of the capital, there are only 36 sanitation workers for a population of about 40 thousand. The most underdeveloped area of the ward is Khanugaon, which was included in the delimitation of 2015.

The ward’s Congress councilor Rehana Sultan, along with the residents alleges, that since it is a BJP municipality, the ruling public representatives are discriminating against the opposition councilor in this ward. Because of this the development of this ward is not taking place. Since independence, roads have been built here only two or three times, which are in a dilapidated condition. The drains have been clogged for years. Municipal corporation staff come occasionally. There are heaps of garbage on vacant plots. Due to non-collection of garbage from houses in the locality every day, people are throwing garbage in vacant plots. The sewage chambers are broken. The drains are open. During the rainy season, their water directly enters the houses through the roads. Even after complaining to ward and zone officers, no action is taken.

Residents say that the Municipal Corporation collects property tax, water tax and cleanliness tax from the public, but food is supplied in the name of providing facilities to the residents. In the colonies like Khanugaon, Prince Colony, Mughal Colony, Amir Ganj, Prabhu Nagar, Nigampura etc. of Ward 8, cleaning is done only two days a week. Garbage is also collected from homes on this day. After this the residents collect the garbage at home. When it starts rotting, they are forced to throw it in vacant plots.

Ward councilor, public representative and social worker Mohammad Zaheer said that when the Swachh Survekshan team had come from Delhi, garbage was collected from the houses for fifteen consecutive days and the locality was cleaned. After the team returned, it was left in the same condition again. PHE had also laid sewage lines in the colonies, which have now become dilapidated. The pipeline and chamber are broken. In such a situation, dirty sewage water is flowing on the roads. Its foul smell has made it difficult for residents to live in their homes. The incidence of mosquitoes also increased in the locality.

Risk on the streets due to stray cattle

Due to throwing garbage in the open in the ward, stray animals wander around it. Their health is also getting ruined by eating garbage and foil. Due to this, the risk of life to the residents has also increased. It has become difficult for children and elderly people to walk in the streets. People remain afraid of animal attacks. The incidents of dog bites are also increasing in the nearby colonies.

Roads are not being repaired

The roads in this area of Ward 8 have been uprooted. The road behind Kohefiza police station has not been repaired for five years. For this, complaints have been made from public representatives to senior officials of Municipal Corporation, but the officials are postponing it by saying that there is no budget for this road. Due to street lights not being lit on many poles, people are having accidents on these roads at night.

Earlier there were 66 sanitation workers, now there are 36 left.

Zaheer said that in 2015, Khanugoan was included in this ward during delimitation. Due to this the population has increased to 40 thousand. Earlier the Municipal Corporation had provided 66 sanitation workers, which has now reduced to 36. In Khanugaon, there is only one sanitation worker for a population of 15 thousand. We have given many proposals to the Municipal Corporation for road construction and improvement of the sewage chamber, but not a single one has been approved.


Due to lack of cleanliness in Ward 8, people have to face problems. The sanitation workers are not arriving every day. Such garbage remains lying on the road for many days.
–       Masroor Bhai, resident

Drains are not being cleaned every day. Due to this the number of mosquitoes increased? Due to this people are facing problems. Complaints are not solved.
– Ehzeen Farooqui, resident

Ward 8 is the biggest ward of Bhopal, the roads here are in dilapidated condition. Due to the lack of a sewage network, dirty water is accumulating on vacant plots. Garbage is not being cleaned daily. Because there are only 36 sanitation workers for 40 thousand people. We have proposed several times to the Municipal Corporation officers and MIC-PIC to increase the number of sanitation workers including development works, but no action has been taken till date.
–       Rehana Sultan Councilor Ward 8

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