Don’t vote based on caste, or religion: Azad

Jammu Mar 17 (UNI) Chairman of DPAP, Ghulam Nabi Azad on Sunday urged people to transcend religious lines when casting their votes.

Addressing a public meeting in Jammu East, Azad emphasized the importance of voting based on merit, policies, and track records rather than religious affiliations.

He highlighted the need for unity and inclusivity in the electoral process, stressing that candidates should be evaluated on their ability to serve the people and uphold democratic values.

“We have to vote for a candidate for Parliament who can raise our voice, not based on religion, just as I have done on various critical issues. Many MPs remain silent in Parliament, but my candidate will be the one who truly represents you and speaks up for your concerns,” he said.

Azad mentioned that Article 35A was initially introduced by Maharaja Hari Singh to protect our land and jobs through state-subject laws. If we come into power, my government will bring a law to protect land and jobs, ensuring the protection of our rights and resources.

Azad promised significant developments including more districts, schools, hospitals, and roads.

He said, ‘In two and a half years, I sanctioned districts, roads, hospitals which no government could provide. My mission is solely dedicated to achieving development at a large scale.’ The other parties have exploited the people while we remain committed solely to development.

They have divided people along regional and religious lines with fake slogans that have now been exposed. My slogan is ‘kaam bolta hai’.

Azad said It was me who fought for statehood in Parliament, pressuring the government to promise the return of statehood. He expressed sadness at the widespread lack of electricity and power. He vowed to work tirelessly to ensure that every region, regardless of challenges, has access to reliable electricity infrastructure.

Azad underlined Jammu’s rich heritage of secularism and unity and urged a collective effort to uplift the region, prioritizing progress and peace. He stated, “Jammu has been renowned for its social cohesion and unity for many years.

‘We must preserve these values for the promotion of peace and progress.”he said.

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