Congress will have to exert force to win

  • BJP has control over Mandsaur, Ujjain and Shajapur Lok Sabha seats
  • BJP has been winning on all three seats since the era of Jan Sangh
  • BJP’s victory in 2024 is considered certain

Chronicle Reporter, Ujjain
There are three Lok Sabha seats under Ujjain division i.e. Malwa region, Mandsaur, Ujjain and Shajapur. BJP has been winning all these three seats since the era of Bharatiya Jan Sangh. BJP had won the Mandsaur seat in 1967 while Bharatiya Jan Sangh had won the Ujjain seat in 1962.

Since Dewas Shajapur seat came into existence, Bharatiya Jan Sangh and BJP have lost elections only thrice. If we look at the record of the last 9 elections, BJP has won all three seats in eight elections except the 2009 Lok Sabha elections. Obviously, BJP is going to win all these three Lok Sabha seats in the 2024 elections also.

The reason for this is clear, Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav comes from Ujjain whereas Mandsaur Lok Sabha constituency is the home constituency of Deputy Chief Minister Jagdish Deora. BJP has repeated Sudhir Gupta from Mandsaur and Mahendra Singh Solanki from Dewas Shajapur. While Ujjain has been put on hold. Obviously Congress will have to put extra emphasis on these three seats.

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