Ajay Singh’s defamation case canceled

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
A defamation case of Rs 10 crore was filed by Congress leader Ajay Singh against senior BJP leaders and State General Secretary Sardendu Tiwari in the Bhopal District Court, which has now been quashed by the court. This information was given by BJP’s state media in-charge Ashish Agarwal. Media in-charge Agarwal said in the release that in the year 2012, news were published in newspapers regarding the then Leader of Opposition and Congress leader Ajay Singh occupying the land of tribals. With the influence of his position, he got the lease of government land to brother Abhimanyu Singh. In this regard, Ajay Singh had filed a defamation suit of Rs 10 crore in the Bhopal District Court against the then state president Prabhat Jha, the then MLA Kunwar Singh and Sardendu Tiwari. The court has dismissed Ajay Singh’s suit considering it flawed. In its order, the court has also ordered plaintiff Ajay Singh to bear the suit fees and advocate fees of the defendants.

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