Congress trying to demolish BJP’s stronghold

  • All four assemblies of Mandsaur district become strongholds of BJP
  • Selection of candidate living among workers along with winning capacity becoming difficult

Mukesh Mehar, Garoth

It is challenging for the Congress to select the winning candidate for the four seats in Mandsaur district. They are trying to destroy this stronghold of BJP.

Presently, there is a flood of gifts from the BJP government. In Mandsaur district, Jagdish Deora from Malhargarh is the Finance Minister, Hardeep Singh Dang from Suwasra is the Environment and Energy Minister, Yashpal Singh Sisodia from Mandsaur and Devi Lal Dhakad from Garoth Bhanpura are the current MLAs.

It will not be easy for Congress to penetrate the maze of their team and BJP organization here. Congress will have to field strong and grassroots workers living among the people on all four seats of Mandsaur. If Congress, like before, trusts the leaders who ignored Congress workers by giving them tickets, then like at present, it may have to face defeat on all four seats of Mandsaur district.

Area residents are struggling with unemployment and lack of health services – Due to lack of big industries in Mandsaur district, educated youth are wandering for jobs in other states, whereas textile yarn mills in the nearby state of Rajasthan are providing employment to thousands of youth here. Besides, many industries are also proposed there.

Boliya Road in Garoth Assembly is an industrial area but not a single factory could be set up which could provide employment to ten people. The youth who cannot migrate due to compulsion are becoming over aged due to not getting jobs.

Have to find a solution to the gifts given by the BJP government

Apart from this, Congress will also have to find a solution to the gifts being given by the BJP government here. In the Garoth Assembly, the BJP government is continuously increasing the problems of Congress by giving gifts. Under the leadership of BJP MLA Devi Lal Dhakad, a new hospital building worth Rs 24 crore has been approved in Garoth. Irrigation and drinking water schemes related to Chambal, National Highway 8 lane and 4 lane road network are also passing through Garoth Bhanpura and Shamgarh assembly. Along with this, many other works are proving important for the common people. While the residents of the district are somewhat happy with the BJP government due to various schemes, the public is also angry due to unemployment, inflation and lack of health services in government hospitals, the effect of which can be seen in the current elections. To give competition to BJP, Congress is preparing to raise important problematic issues and wrong policies of BJP.

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