‘Will stop corrupt schemes’

  • Former CM Kamal Nath says – I had not stopped any scheme
  • We closed schemes in which there was corruption

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh Congress President Kamal Nath has attacked the BJP government of the state. While talking to the media in PCC office on Sunday, Kamal Nath said that if my government comes to power, we will stop the corrupt schemes of the BJP government.

He said that where there was corruption, we closed those schemes. How much corruption was there in their Sambal Yojana. I did not switch off the electricity facility. I had said that 100 units of electricity will be available for Rs 100. I had said that whoever buys 100 units will be billed Rs 100. If 100 units come from Ambani and Adani, we will take Rs 100 from them also. What did I turn off? I want to ask him this. Wherever there was corruption, it was stopped. Will do so in future also. Regarding the list of Congress candidates, Kamal Nath said that the list will keep coming. But, to whom we have to point out. We will do it. That is the most important list. So we have a meeting in Delhi on Monday. Nowadays, a lot of information is available.

Gone are the times when there was no social media. When there was no email. Today all the information is available sitting at home. We can know at home who is in deep water and we also conduct surveys.

-Digvijay himself had said not to keep my photos
On the allegations of not participating in the Jan Akrosh Yatra, Kamal Nath said that I am coming via Chhindwara. Digvijay Singh is going the day after tomorrow. Everyone is leaving. We have formed a team of seven people and they are doing everything.

On removing Digvijay Singh’s photo from the poster, Kamal Nath said that Digvijay Singh himself had said that do not keep my photo, if he wants that his name and photo should not be there, then he will have to accept his words.

Priyanka, Rahul, Kharge tours will happen

Regarding Priyanka Gandhi’s meeting in Dhar, Kamal Nath said that he is making a program for Priyanka ji. Rahul ji, Kharge ji, everyone’s program will be made.

On the incident that happened in Indore, Kamal Nath said that there was a meeting of Matang Samaj yesterday. That is the poorest society. People had come from districts across the state. 15 journalists came forward and stood. I folded my hands and said that this is his program, do not create any hindrance in his program. I said, I will stand up and when you are satisfied with me, then you can step aside. But, don’t spoil their program. These poor poor people have come from every district.

But, there were 15-16 people and they said that we will not move. So I said you are threatening me. This is a matter of record. I said you are threatening me. So they said we will not move. Then I said that then I will get you removed. What did I do wrong? If the journalists themselves do not remain disciplined. How can I tolerate someone who wants to spoil my program? People from all over the state came to that program.

BJP wants to divert attention

On the posters of love for Pakistan, Kamal Nath said that no one has pointed a finger at him in 40-45 years. Now they don’t get Pakistan, they will get Khalistan, if they don’t get Khalistan, they will get Afghanistan. All of them will keep raising this. They actually want to divert attention. Let them talk about themselves. Why does my name hurt his stomach?

More than four thousand claimants

Regarding the claimants, Kamal Nath said that more than 4000 people have made claims. Not a single contender among them says that he is going to lose. Everyone says we are going to win. But, has it won its ward? Has the village won? This is a question and I understand the election very well.

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