Congress opens front against govt regarding inflation

  • Dear sisters were mocked by giving them Rs 250 for Rakhi
  • Press conference by President of MP Women’s Congress and Abhay Dubey

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has given 250 rupees as a gift on Rakhi to the sisters of the state. State Women’s Department President of Congress, Vibha Patel has called it a mockery of women.

On Tuesday, she held a press conference in a different style in the PCC, in which she presented her views to the media along with the rates of items of daily use like flour packets, gas cylinders, Tez bottles and made many allegations against the government. While talking to the media, Vibha Patel said that she had never thought that Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan could use Raksha Bandhan, a holy festival of India, in this way to satisfy his hunger for power. He is not concerned with the protection of sisters, he is only dreaming of keeping the sources of power in his hands. He is not looking at the soft relations of Raksha Bandhan, but only at the evil selfishness of power bondage.

The bond of protection means protecting the economic and social concerns of sisters and daughters, but whenever the question of their protection came up in this context, Shivraj ji broke ties with them and turned away. Recently, Shivraj ji made fun of the sisters and daughters of entire Madhya Pradesh and said that I am giving you Rs 250 in a single click. You celebrate Rakhi with great pomp. It is a very shameful thing that on one hand, the BJP government at the Center and the State has set the household of the country’s sisters and daughters in the fire of inflation and on the other hand, he is making fun of the sisters and daughters by saying that they can celebrate Rakhi with pomp and show for Rs 250.

Congress asked these questions

1. One crore 25 lakh sisters were registered under your Ladli Brahmin Yojana, doesn’t it mean that during your 18 years of rule, about 60 percent of the population remained economically weak and the amount of development money earmarked for them was lost to corruption?

2-Why did more than 60 thousand daughters become victims of rape and more than 67 thousand daughters became victims of kidnapping during your rule? Why is the pendency rate in cases of crimes against women 88 percent?

3- Why did a gas cylinder costing Rs 400 cross Rs 1100?

4- Why did petrol and diesel, which used to cost Rs 60 and Rs 70 a litre, cross Rs 100?

5- Why did pulses costing Rs 60 and Rs 70 and oil reach Rs 150 to Rs 200 per litre/kg?

6-Isn’t your government robbing the pockets of the people of the state by imposing tax of Rs 14 thousand crores per year on petroleum products?

7-Is it not true that you have taken out eight to ten thousand rupees per month from the pockets of your sisters and daughters by throwing them into the fire of inflation and want to get votes by giving them only Rs 1000-1200.

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