Complaint about discrepancies in voter list

  • List of wrongly-included names made and handed over to Chief Electoral Officer

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal

Congress leader Manoj Shukla, along with JP Dhanopia, went to the office of the Chief Electoral Officer recently and complained about the disturbances in the voter lists of Narela Assembly.

They made a list of 35,000 people with wrongly added names in the voter list such as people who have died, people who have been shifted out of the Vidhan Sabha and those who have got their names added at other places. After reaching the office, demanded to remove them after investigation.

They said that those who have left their homes or those who have died, but physical verification of voters in their areas is not being done by BLOs in any way, due to which the names of wrong voters are registered in voter lists. Due to which there is definitely less possibility of fair election, so we request that after physical verification of voters registered in the number wise list, direct the concerned election officer to take action to delete their names. They said that BJP is continuously winning elections with these fake votes, that’s why these names should be removed with immediate effect.

They remain present in delegation

On this occasion, Aishbagh Block Congress President Mohd. Faheem, Brijendra Shukla, Tariq Ali, Naveen Sharma, Rajkumar Rai, Prince Nawange, Anas Ur Rehman, Deepak Khatik, Anoop Pandey, Rahul Sen, Asif Kazi, Faizi Khan, Mohd. Rajik, Dinesh Mali, Sushil Thakur, Sanjay Dumane, Jitendra Baghel etc were present.

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