Cong-led INDI Alliance sinking ship: PM Modi

Jhargram. May 20 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday dubbed the Congress a “sinking ship” and predicted that the INDIA alliance led by the grand old party will get ‘eliminated’ on June 4 when the votes are counted for the Lok Sabha polls.

“The INDI Alliance is being badly defeated in the ongoing elections. It will get ‘eliminated’ on June 4. The countdown for the disintegration of the INDI Alliance has begun,” Modi said at an election rally here.

On a day parts of the country including people in seven constituencies of West Bengal voted in the fifth phase of the Lok Sabha election, Modi claimed just like the INDIA bloc, the state’s ruling Trinamool Congress also seemed “tired and defeated”

“(The) Congress is a sinking ship and TMC’s ship has also developed a hole in it. These people may ride on each other, but still sinking is certain, ” Modi said.

Coming down heavily on the Congress, he said it was surviving on three agenda – corruption, casteism and rule of the dynasty.

“The country has not forgotten that when the world was developing rapidly, the Congress government was creating records of scams. The countries of the world were progressing at every moment, but the Congress party was pushing the young generation backwards,” he said.

Modi reiterated his charge that the Congress was now trying to snatch people’s property and hand it over to those involved in ‘Vote Jihad’.

“They have already done this in Karnataka taking away the reservation of ST, SC and OBC and giving to the Muslims and making attempts to repeat the same across the country,” he alleged.

Modi claimed soon after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee “openly threatened” the holy seers, as also socio-religious orders like ISKCON, Ramakrishna Mission and Bharat Sevashram Sangh in an election speech, “the Ramakrishna Mission ashram in Jalpaiguri of north Bengal was attacked on Sunday”.

“Riots under the TMC government is very common,” he pointed out, referring to incidents on the day of the Ram Navami.

He alleged that TMC was “attacking monks of Ramakrishna Mission, Bharat Sevashram Sangha to appease its vote bank.”

Pulling up the Trinamool for its “double standards:, the Prime Minister said till yesterday it was abusing Congress and now it is saying that it is part of the INDI alliance.”

“Seeing its imminent defeat, the TMC’s anger is at its peak. The people of West Bengal are not voting for them and therefore, they are abusing BJP and threatening the people of the state,” he said.

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