Cong does not want developed Bharat because Modi advocates for it: PM

New Delhi Feb 16 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday slammed the Congress party saying that it has only one agenda – ‘anti-Modi, extreme anti-Modi’.

He said that Congress was neglecting discussions about a developed Bharat because Modi advocates for it.

Addressing the Viksit Bharat Viksit Rajasthan Programme virtually on Friday, the PM said, “The sole agenda of Congress remains to criticize Modi. They are willing to incur significant losses for the country just to oppose Modi.

Congress has only one agenda – anti-Modi, extreme anti-Modi. They spread divisive propaganda against Modi, dividing society. When a party becomes entangled in the vicious cycle of nepotism and dynasty politics, this is the result”.

Stating that the sole agenda of Congress remains to criticize Modi, the PM said, “The more one denounces Modi, the more they embrace him”.

Modi said that everyone is abandoning Congress, leaving only one family at its helm. Such politics fails to inspire young Bharat, especially the first-time voters who have grand dreams and aspirations, who support the vision of a developed Bharat.

He said, “Congress lacks the foresight and strategic planning necessary for the future and the drawback of the party is it’s inability to formulate forward-thinking and positive policies. When Modi fulfills the commitments made to you, some individuals become worried”.

Stating that the roadmap for developed Rajasthan and developed Bharat is for every such first-time voter, Modi said, “Discussions are resonating loudly across the country these days, with people saying – ‘Abki Baar, NDA 400 Paar’ (This time NDA will cross 400). I am confident that Rajasthan will also strengthen its trust in Modi’s commitments.”

Modi said that Congress was neglecting discussions about a developed Bharat because Modi advocates for it.

“They evade discussions about Made in India because Modi promotes it. They remain silent on ‘vocal for local’ because Modi advocates for it. When Bharat becomes the fifth-largest economic power, the entire nation rejoices, but Congress members remain discontent,” the PM added.

He said that when he asserts that Bharat would become the third economic power globally in the next term, the entire nation gains confidence, but Congress members are disappointed. Regardless of what Modi says or does, they oppose him”.

During the Congress era, widespread power shortages plunged the entire country into darkness for extended periods. Even when electricity was available, it was often for brief intervals. Crores of impoverished households were left without access to electricity connections during this period, the PM said.

Stating that no country can progress without adequate access to electricity, Modi said the pace at which the Congress party was addressing this challenge would have required decades to resolve the electricity shortage.

Modi said soon after assuming office, the BJP government prioritized addressing the nation’s power challenges.

“We formulated policies, made decisive choices, and placed a significant emphasis on emerging sectors such as solar energy generation. Today, Bharat stands as a global leader in solar energy production, a testament to our efforts. Rajasthan, with its abundant blessings from the Sun God, holds immense potential in this regard,” he said.

He hailed the double-engine government is diligently working to make Rajasthan self-sufficient in electricity production.

The BJP government is committed to enabling every household to generate solar energy and even help them earn income by selling surplus electricity, Modi said.

To achieve this, Modi said that the Central government has launched a significant initiative known as the PM Surya Ghar scheme, meaning the Free Electricity Plan. Under this scheme, the government aims to provide up to 300 units of free electricity per month to eligible households.

The Prime Minister laid the foundation stone and inaugurated projects worth approximately Rs 17,000 crores for the development of Rajasthan. These projects encompass various development initiatives such as rail, road, solar energy, water, and LPG.

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