CM slams Opposition for running away from scheduled debate of Nov 1

Chandigarh, Oct 15 (UNI) Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann on Sunday slammed the leaders of opposition for running away from the scheduled debate on November 1 out of the fear of being exposed for their misdeeds.

Mr Mann said that as the leaders belonging to opposition have been hand in glove with those who have ruined the state so they are running away from debate on November 1. He said that the hands and souls of these leaders are drenched with blood of state as they have betrayed Punjab and its people. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that people of the state can never forgive these leaders for their sins against Punjab.

He said that the debate will be centred around who and how Punjab has been looted till now, Nepotism (bhai-bhatija, saala-jeeja), Favouritism, Toll Plazas, Youth, Agriculture, Trade- shopkeepers, Gurbani, Robbing of River waters and others. He said that these leaders have deceived Punjab on all these issues for which they are answerable to the people of state. Mr Mann said that whether these leaders come or not, he will go and keep the chairs of these leaders for the debate.

Mr Mann said that during the previous regimes people used to be scared of success as these leaders used to put share in their ventures. He said that these leaders looted the masses and their hands were soaked with the blood of Punjab and Punjabis. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that due to this reason only they are afraid to face the people and are finding one or another excuse to have a debate with him on Nov. 1.

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