CM for making efforts to get ISRO center in MP

Dr. Mohan Yadav participates in Yuva Samvad; “Avantika” serial every Monday at 9 pm on DD from Jan 22

Bhopal: Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav, while addressing the Yuva Samvad at Kalidas Academy Ujjain organized jointly by the Government Madhav Science College and Madhya Pradesh Science and Technology Council, said that efforts would be made to open a center of ISRO in Madhya Pradesh.

Dr. Yadav said that there are immense possibilities the field of science and technology holds. He said that Makar Sankranti offers immense joy and enthusiasm. It has a scientific character. He said that festivals of India have scientific temperament and character. He said that Ujjaini also has its own significance.

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav, wished ISRO Director Dr. Prakash Chauhan a bright future and appreciated interaction with the youth.

S&T have made a big contribution in societal advancement

Addressing the Yuva Samvad event, ISRO Director Dr. Prakash Chauhan said that science and technology have made a big contribution in societal advancement. He said that the younger generation is talented. The scientists of India have brought glory to the country.

Dr. Chauhan said that the installation of telescope in the observatory in Ujjain and Dongla in Mahidpur. He appreciated the persistent efforts of Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav. He praised the scientific approach of Chief Minister Dr. Yadav.

Dr. Chauhan said that in the field of agriculture is bein revolutianized with the help of satellite from ISRO, Hyderabad. He desired to organize more such Yuva Samvad sessions.

Avantika is based on mythological history of Ujjain

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav released a brochure and launched a tele serial “Avantika” produced by Sushri Seema Kapoor and based on the mythological history of Ujjain. It will be telecast every Monday to Thursday at 9 pm on Doordarshan’s national channel DD National from January 22 onwards.

On this occasion, Sushri Seema Kapoor said that this serial has been produced in collaboration with the Maharaja Vikramaditya Research Institute of Ujjain. She said that 130 episodes of the serial Avantika will be produced.

The serial covers everything from Lord Krishna’s education in Sandipani Ashram to other major religious events of Bimbisara, Emperor Ashoka, Bhatrihari, Samrat Vikramaditya etc. and in the arts, eminent literary works like Abhijnana Shakuntalam of Kalidas, Mrichcha Katik by Bhasa etc. Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav praised Shri Shriram Tiwari, Director of Maharaja Vikramaditya Research Institute for his immense cooperation and support.

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